ViuTV G-1 Fight Club episode 2 online stream now available to watch

ViuTV has aired the popular TV show G-1 Fight Club episode 2 last night in Hong Kong and it can now be watched on the official website. After an introduction of the female contestants in G-1 Fight Club episode 1 (G-1 格鬥會) and some basic training, the first fight will be shown in G-1 Fight Club episode 2. The 8 female celebrities that are participating in this ViuTV TV G-1 Fight Club show (MMA style show) are: Hazel, Siu Kwan, Rika, Elaine, Mimi, Margiela, Winkie and Vangie.

ViuTV G-1 Fight Club episode 2 official stream on demand can be watched here

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