Uncontrollably Fond TV ratings ep13 8 percent

Uncontrollably Fond TV ratings ep13 8 percent

Korean drama Uncontrollably Fond episode 13 was aired yesterday in South-Korea. Kim Woo Bin and Suzy are the main leads in this TV drama. Today, the TV ratings of episode 13 are published online by rating research company Nielsen. Uncontrollably Fond episode 13 TV ratings are 8.0% nationwide, a drop of 1.9% compared to episode 12.

The large decrease of TV ratings is most likely due to Korean drama W being aired again. Last week W episode 8 was not aired due to Olympics.

ViuTV has purchased the broadcasting rights of TV drama Uncontrollably Fond, so you can also watch this Korean TV drama with Chinese subtitles and English subtitles about 8-12 hours later after the original Korean broadcast in the ViuTV app for free (only for certain countries).

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